Preschool Curriculum

The curriculum we use for the 3’s and 4’s is The Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers. It is the most widely used curriculum for preschoolers and Headstart. The foundation of this curriculum is:

  1. How Children Develop and Learn
    • What preschool children are like
    • Individual differences
    • The developmental continuum
  2. The Learning Environment
    • Setting up and maintaining the classroom
    • Establishing a structure for each day
    • Creating a classroom community
  3. What Children Learn
    • Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • The Arts
  4. The Teachers’ Role
    • Observing children
    • Guiding children’s learning
    • Assessing children’s learning
    • Getting to know families
    • Making families feel welcome
    • Communicating observations, assessments and progress with families
    • Partnering with families
    • Responding to families’ needs

These are the very same academic skills we use for our 2 year olds but on a less formal and structural basis. The 2’s are just beginning to become social beings, therefore, our focus is more on language development, sharing and toileting.